An atelier
with history

Welcome to Crossingwords

Crossingwords is a language services atelier that offers a wide range of translation and interpreting services to companies all over the world. We have a team of qualified linguists with vast experience in many different fields.


Years of experience

We run a personalised business model in which our language services clients interact with us simply and quickly.



specialist professionals

Teams of professionals that provide specialist translation, localisation, editing, revision, transcreation and DTP services, always submitted in a print-ready or publication-ready format.



projects completed successfully

From all types of industries, including technology, marketing, finance, automotive, life sciences, real estate, original equipment manufacture (OEM) and media, always guaranteeing complete client satisfaction.

Our journey

  1. Launch of the Crossingwords brand

    We accept our first translation project, in the automotive and industrial robotics fields, which marks the start of our journey.

  2. First big international liaison interpreting project

    Crossingwords accompanies, for the first time, a client to China for an interpreting project that involved a visit to discuss representation agreements in Portugal for three trademarks.

  3. Acquisition of two large international clients in the field of original equipment manufacture (OEM)

    Attendance at two international trade shows in 2010 translated into accelerated and positive growth for Crossingwords.

  4. The company continues growing

    The company’s constant growth and the provision of services to multinationals in the industrial field has made Crossingwords a recognised partner in large scale projects.

  5. Crossingwords becomes a limited company

    Due to growth and brand establishment on a global scale, Crossingwords changes and starts to operate as a limited company, expanding its in-house team to respond in the best way to the constant challenges it faces.

  6. Crossingwords launches its new visual identity

    The launch of the new logo and corporate website, which communicate our results-focused, future-oriented ethos, known for always resolving the most complex linguistic challenges presented by our clients.

What we do

We supply a wide range of translation, interpreting and localisation services, shaped to the multilingual needs of our clients.

Who we help

Crossingwords specialises in translations of various languages, including English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. We can also respond to any other needs that may arise, in any language required.

Reasons to choose us

We help our clients achieve success in global markets, providing them with language services of the highest quality, always tailored to the culture, target audience and/or specialist field.

We are here to help with all your communication needs

All your communication needs!

Leave the translation, interpreting and localisation in the hands of our team and concentrate on your business. Talk to us.