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Crossingwords offers a range of services, with software localisation being one of them.

Software localisation involves translating computer programmes, web platforms or mobile apps into another language.

This type of service requires specialist professionals, with linguistic, cultural, and also technological understanding.

At Crossingwords, we handle the all the analysis work, translation and final testing on the website or software in question.

Our know-how and
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When we try to reach new international markets, we should always consider cultural differences when translating content. The image presented by your company through its corporate content may not be as culturally relevant, or could even cause unnecessary embarrassment, in the new market. Localisation involves translating content and adapting language, considering the target audience and the linguistic, social, and cultural particularities of the given market. This localisation can be carried out on website content, apps, software, and other digital content. Crossingwords recommends this service to organisations attempting to position themselves internationally with global digital communication objectives. A website translated into the language of the target market is essential for the success of a global business. While English is a predominant language understood by more and more consumers, the best strategy to enter new markets is to localise content into the relevant language.

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