November 7, 2017
Tina Duarte

Having published several articles in which we talk about the very often unknown scope of the translator’s work, we thought it would make sense to hear the opinions of those who use services.

Today we are with Hugo Pascoal, from E-goi, who is going to tell us about the company's work and the role that translation plays in its operation.

Tell us a little about E-goi. What is E-goi, and how does it touch people's lives?

E-goi is an SaaS, a business model in which the software supplier is responsible for all of the technical structure necessary to provide the service (servers, connectivity, etc.) The client uses the software via the Internet and pays a fee for this service.

Our mission is to create effective digital communication solutions, with usability that is intuitive and fun, accessible to all those who want the best results, from the micro-blogger right through to huge multinationals.

Anyone who lacks time and resources to create a good newsletter can look to E-goi for turnkey solutions to promote their business, and not only via email. For example: If someone hasn’t opened the email then another message can be automatically programmed, such as an SMS, a voice message or a push notification.

Alternatively, if a company needs automated marketing solutions, informative or sales workflows can be created, based on intelligent triggers (birthday, openings, website clicks, etc.) using the communication channels that E-goi offers.

My role, and that of the marketing team, is to educate and convert, making these concepts simpler to understand.

So from what I understand, translation enters the workflow and will be an important element for the success of some of the company’s operations. Do you feel that translation is an essential tool to achieve success in communication?

Being responsible for content creation, editing and management, it’s vital to have a partner like Crossing Words, that has a pool of translators that understand the characteristics of our business, and are native speakers of the target language, guaranteeing that the original message is accurately conveyed.

Finally, what advice would you offer to companies that have not yet discovered the potential of working with translators, as specialists of the target language and culture?

Don’t waste time and energy using any form of online translation tools. Leave it to the experts and focus on your business. Transmitting credibility and reliability is fundamental in any sector, especially for companies like E-goi, who regularly produce content in several languages.

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