February 17, 2021
Paula Ribeiro

Expanding our business internationally can be exciting, but in order for this expansion to succeed, it is necessary to attract the international consumer and not send the wrong message, which can not only discourage the consumer from buying your product or service but can also lead to major losses for your company.

Many companies have learned the hard way that an ad or a marketing campaign must be carefully designed for a foreign audience. The translation of a brand message or a company motto, for example, is of paramount importance for a global brand as it can affect a marketing campaign even before it starts.

This was exactly what happened with when KFC entered China in the 1980s and neglected to supervise the translation of its famous slogan, “It’s finger licking good!”. In Beijing, for example, the slogan was translated as "Eat your fingers!", which is not very flattering and appetizing for a famous fried chicken dish!

Fortunately, the error was detected early after its release, which allowed the fried chicken franchise to correct the translation error and avoid further losses. As for KFC, this translation error meant, and learning from the mistake made, relying on professional translation services whenever they launch their products in other countries. Currently, KFC is the largest and best fast-food restaurant in China, operating in more than 850 cities.

Paula Ribeiro
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