April 13, 2021
Paula Ribeiro

As the world and business become global, professional translation services turn into a vital support for anyone wishing to expand their business internationally. From communication support to the direct result that a translation can have on the sales of a product or service, professional translation helps companies to operate beyond their borders, which is why companies around the world are increasingly using these services as a crucial part of their daily operations.

And what are the benefits to your expanding business of investing in a professional translation service?

Professional translation facilitates the implementation of your business in international markets, it helps to overcome the linguistic and cultural barriers that may exist and to conquer those sought-after markets. The language barrier may harm your business, in many different manners, and may also become an immense obstacle to your company's success in a given market. The lack of communication may result in financial losses and irreparable damage to your company's reputation and it is, therefore, wise to invest in professional translation services to ensure clear communication with potential clients, helping them to understand your message and your offer and positively “influence” their purchase decision.

Moreover, incorporating a professional translation service in your expansion strategy increases your credibility with the new market, by ensuring that your brand and corporate message are correctly delivered to that market, and due to the huge advantage that this represents when compared to your competitors. The translation of your content into the local language makes your future clients feel valued and trust your company or brand, your products or services that “speak” their language correctly.

Finally, translating your online communication platforms into one or more languages not only increases your visibility but also makes your target audience feel more valued and trust in your business’s international expansion. If your company's website is translated into that market’s native language, your visitors will spend more time on your website, which will increase your visibility and also your sales. This means that your investment in a professional translation service is quickly converted into more revenue for your business.

Paula Ribeiro
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