April 21, 2021
Maria Joaquina Marques

When you are looking for the best translation partner, it is important to a translation company’s references, be they large or small. There is no room for carelessness during this selection process, making rash decisions or choosing a random partner because their prices are low. This is not the best criteria you should set for your company, for your communication and the sale of your products or services.

A translation company may offer you a juicy carrot but knowing what you want in advance is a plus in helping you find the right partner. If your business serves a particular sector or if your product is more technical or relevant to a certain region, then it is wise to choose partners that are connected to these areas, that have collaborators experienced in them and, above all, have a transparent working process.

Agencies may, or may not, have different departments, and the content production, communication and translation team should be carefully analysed at the time of assessment. The work these departments carry out and the end product they produce are essential factors in captivating us as clients. A structured department with clear-cut organisation will make communication so much easier and, as a result, the whole translation process will run more smoothly. If agencies have a confusing working model, however, with several people heading the same project, this could cause friction, confusion, and an undesirable end result for both the client and the company itself. The project will flow with greater synchronicity and precision if you can establish a good relationship with the project manager, the content creator and even the translator and revisor. If each partner knows their role, or in other words, if the client provides all of the information requested and is available to clarify queries, and the company pays attention to detail, maintains good communication between the translators and revisors, the translation project will be completed with greater speed and accuracy. It is a win-win situation for both parties and the business relationship will prosper.