December 15, 2021
Maria Joaquina Marques

Audio description is the "verbal description of the visual content of a work of art, a cultural event (film, play, etc.), or others, produced with the purpose of making it accessible to blind people or people with reduced visual sensitivity" (Infopédia).

Audio description was first described as such in 1975. It began by appearing at film festivals and it quickly reached television. However, only in recent years with the emergence of digital platforms have we seen an increase in demand for this service that goes far beyond the film industry.

The audio description technique can help a company on several fronts:

- Being proactive on social media in a more comprehensive manner: audio describing promotional videos or tutorials can be an asset in winning over consumers;

- Appealing to the consumption of products and services through adequate, appealing, and interesting audio descriptions: use texts that are faithful to the product while at the same time bold, different, and unexpected. This will catch the eye of even the most inattentive people;

- Reaching a target audience that is neglected and deserves respect and the same access to what exists in the market as others: we can, and we must adapt our content to almost everybody and this will only result in our product, or our brand being advertised more often;

Through this technique any company in any sector will not only be able to capture the essence of its product and/or service, but it will also disclose it in an innovative, different, and inclusive manner, whether with the audio description of images, videos, presentations, pamphlets, or works of art from the most diverse areas.

Thinking beyond the obvious and turning accessibility into one of the factors to consider when promoting a brand, a service, or a product will both be important actions for the company to stand out from its competitors and to win over clients that had never been considered before.