September 16, 2020
Maria Joaquina Marques

Social media plays an ever-increasing role in the corporate world. Many companies run their business exclusively through such platforms, be it Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, or others. Thus, it is important to be mindful about the content and the target audience of your message. If an entrepreneur aims to expand their company beyond national borders, translation (in all shapes and forms) will have a crucial role.

By “all shapes and forms,” understand the several areas of translation that are important in social media. Written translation, be it technical or general, has always been present in blogs or article descriptions in Facebook/Instagram. Now, audio-visual translation is starting to be acknowledged as an important tool for broadcasting your message, such as videos on YouTube and Facebook, or through vlogs.

Considering that nowadays most people read a Facebook post before reading an ad or an article in a newspaper, business owners must devote time, attention, and care to their social media presence. Those who strive to reach other cultures should hire the services of a professional freelance translator or translation agency. Do not make the mistake of relying solely on automated translation apps, such as the one available on YouTube, as they are deeply flawed; a company that uses those leaves a bad impression.

Translators are ever more specialized and aware of the changes in this field and aim to serve their clients the best way possible, meeting deadlines and thoughtfully and carefully conveying the client’s message. “A translator in the hand is worth several clients in the bush”; do not leave your social media message in the hands of automatic translation. Showcase your company’s innovation by translating your content for all social media platforms.