September 28, 2020
Maria Joaquina Marques

Nowadays, multinational companies aren’t the only ones that can gain territory, clients and money in international markets. The rise of the internet, social media and a whole new digital world means that even one-person or small companies can promote their product and/or service and carve out a market niche.

But for this they need to stay up to date with trends, know where they should be heading and with whom do engage, connect and network. When a company has managed to define these points, it can move forward with more detailed, in-depth and personalised contacts, just by translating its content or by hiring an interpreter to ensure that the message is clear, and that nothing is left to chance. This stage of any business should be left to professionals, because it only takes one poor impression or misunderstanding between the company and the client, for the former to lose business and put their reputation at risk.

It may sound like an exaggeration, especially for one-person or small businesses who don’t feel it’s worth investing in this kind of service, in the belief that the money could be better spent elsewhere. Yet unless these companies don’t start by making a professional and flawless impression, with a clear and well-defined message in the target language, they will never be able to seek growth in that market or progression within the sector. First impressions, whether in domestic or foreign markets, are crucial in capturing new clients, attracting their attention and making contacts that would otherwise slip through their fingers.

Translation is vital in practically all areas of one-person or large multinational companies. Nothing can be done without digital marketing these days, and whether you’re publishing articles or videos, there are professionals solutions for both; newsletters and press releases should be received by clients in all the appropriate languages so that they can be aware of any developments of your product or service; a website should target all of the markets the company is interested in and translated into the corresponding languages; social media channels should not be neglected and contain well-planned and translated content. In our fast-moving world, everything happens in a second and it’s these fine details that will make your company stand out and take it to the next level.