November 11, 2020
Maria Joaquina Marques

During a pandemic, one may think that the role of translators would be greatly reduced, as many companies are forced to close their doors; however, this is far from the truth.

In the current scenario, the role of translators and interpreters has gained relevance, not only because they help to increase access to all the news, treatments, and advice to the population, but also because they are a bridge between those who are suffering and those who can help. While this is a trying time for business and adjustments must be made, translation and interpretation should not be overlooked, particularly in sectors with a significant flow of relevant information, such as medical translation or sign-language interpretation.

Familiar with remote working, translators are able to continue delivering the same quality and accuracy as before this crisis. Social distancing may have changed the way we all work, but digital tools allow translators to provide their services and deliver assignments on tighter deadlines.

Business owners can and should strive to maintain their communication channels with overseas clients open, as a global effort will be required to overcome this hurdle and prevent an abrupt economic deceleration. Social media and online platforms are useful to convey a company’s message and maintain the visibility of their products and services.