January 19, 2021
Maria Joaquina Marques

Welcome to 2021! After a totally atypical 2020 at all levels, we are more than ready to receive 2021 and turn it into a better, more prosperous, and more “normal” year.

Even though uncertainty hangs over our lives, a new year always promises new challenges, therefore, we must prepare for those as much as we can, while at the same time we take stock of the preceding year and establish the goals we want to set for this new year. We can come up with a timetable with short- and medium-term goals, so that we can always be aware of the situation in which our company is.

With the pandemic and the restrictions still very much present in our day-to-day lives, there is nothing better than planning our business for different scenarios so that we are not caught by surprise due to unexpected situations. The challenge will be for us to maintain hope, renew ourselves, think outside the box and, above all, take advantage of all that we have learned during the previous year and apply it in our day-to-day lives. We must make plans, contacts, forecasts, we must not ignore our partners, clients, suppliers just because we think it will not be worth it. There is always something we can do to revitalize, elevate, and move forward with a business, whether it is looking for new niches, launching other services/products, moving to other markets.

All this can be done with the assistance of translators and interpreters. These professionals are prepared to be that necessary bridge that will result in new contracts, and a bridge must be strong, well supported, so that it does not collapse when we are crossing it. And by this, I mean that we should not see translation as something secondary or something that can be done at a reduced price. Quality, rigour, and fulfilment of what we agreed are priceless. It is an investment for greater rewards.

Let us make 2021 a different, memorable, and successful year!