July 28, 2021
Maria Joaquina Marques

One of the measures we can take to boost our business in these pandemic times is to look for new markets, new niches and a new target audience. There are several ways to do this: selling products more oriented to an activity or to a time/age group, providing services aimed at certain branches and industries or introducing a new area in our business.

But rarely we remember the accessibility of our business, and by accessibility I mean people with conditions that make it impossible for them to fully understand the message, the product or the service. We can mention as examples the deaf and blind people, who are often forgotten, despite each one of them being a potential client.

It is with this new target audience in mind that we can do research and hire professionals to help us make our business more accessible, whether through the subtitling for the deaf of a presentation video, the audio description of a product or of our website, or the interpreting of conferences or meetings in sign language. The goal is to include all the people who usually have more difficulty accessing information in our marketing plan and ensure that the message reaches them correctly and without any ambiguity. In order to do this, we must hire the right professionals, such as audio describers, audiovisual translators who do subtitling for the deaf or tradaptation, and sign language interpreters. In the latter case, we can even consider other markets and hire English, Brazilian or other sign languages interpreters, since they all have different characteristics.

This challenge may open doors for us to a different world, which is frequently neglected, but which, from a business point of view, may guarantee more clients and, consequently, more profits.