August 19, 2021
Maria Joaquina Marques

The translator can be in charge of different types of services and one of the most recent is transcreation. And what does transcreation consist of?

Transcreation is a translation technique that uses creativity to transform and adapt original content to the target country's market, culture and language. The role of the translators is even more important in transcreation, as they will produce all the content suitable for a specific market or culture. Especially used in marketing and advertising, this translation technique requires careful attention to the original message and a deep knowledge of the target audience, since the objective is to adapt the content to their needs and habits, without deviating from the style and emotion conveyed in the departure language.

The content turns out to be freer than a technical translation, but at a linguistic and cultural level, the translator must be equally rigorous, since poor transcreation can jeopardize the access of a product or service to the international market. In transcreation, each target audience must be treated in a personalized manner, which means that an original message can be adapted in different manners, depending on the market where it will be disclosed. Translators can and should recognize these differences so that their final work is impeccable.

The client, in turn, when awarding the work to the agency or the translator, must detail the company's values and mission, the objectives of the message, the result expected from it in a given market, the style and tone of their company's communications and the media used to disclose the message. All these aspects will help the translators to know how much time they will need to do the transcreation and how they can adapt the contents in the best way possible.