October 28, 2021
Maria Joaquina Marques

In times of pandemic, many had to analyse the way they conducted their business, not only in terms of processes, but also in terms of finances. If the word “reinvention” was on the agenda for many companies, others were only thinking about “cuts”.

If it is true that a more precarious financial situation can make entrepreneurs cut and adjust the budget they have available for their business, it is also desirable that they do not think only about the costs and that they can see their gains. When hiring a translator or an interpreter, even if you think you will find someone with a cheaper rate, you should weigh the pros and cons of having someone on the team who offers an above-average price or someone who is average. This is because a translation job requires hours of preparation, research, study and revision and, for the professionals to be able to make a profit, they have to charge the corresponding price and thus guarantee a flawless and high quality final work.

In turn, one must be suspicious of those who offer a very low price, since nor you or the client benefit from that. Let's see, how can someone who offers such low prices make any kind of profit? They will have to work more hours, they will have to allocate less time to each job in order to accept more, and these procedures become a snowball of bad practices that will only end up harming the end client.

Therefore, even if the cost associated with a translation may seem excessive, remember that the good professionals must make their work count and that the expected end result will eventually pay off, since it guarantees quality, rigour and professionalism.