July 29, 2019
Maria Joaquina Marques

“It’s really easy these days: just go to Google Translatoe and hey presto! And it’s free!" - WRONG

This is probably a commonly heard phrase in the office environment these days. However, a tool that appears to only offer advantages, can often become a double-edged sword. Whilst automatic translation tools are improving, they often fall short of the desired result. More often than not they put your brand’s reputation on the line.

When you need a translation, a professional translator or company is the way forward. One way or another, they should guarantee to meet the deadlines you set, be specialists in your business area and can be trusted to fulfil their professional duty.

There’s always a “jack-of-all-trades” who’ll do it cheaper, of course. But remember,

“the jack-of-all-trades quality of their profession makes them less powerful at each individual skill than those who specialise in them” (Infopédia)

In other words, a person who won’t do the job with the same pride, care and attention to detail than a professional would throughout the process. Those in need of a translator should always opt for a trustworthy partner, someone they can rely on to deliver a job well done.

Putting a translation job into the hands of anyone else could turn out to be more problematic than you think. Building trust through this kind of outsourcing is fundamental so that everything goes exactly as planned. Good communication between parties is crucial, as is honesty in the relationship. If everything is clear from the beginning, the whole process will flow easily and quickly. In the end, this will only bring benefits for everyone involved.