September 10, 2019
Maria Joaquina Marques

The term “professional” commands respect, attracts attention and conveys integrity in the business world. We can therefore tell between professionals and amateurs. This reality is even more evident among translation services, be it technical translation, audiovisual translation, or interpretation.

Anyone looking for translation services should seek professionals, and not amateurs, to avoid the risk of missed deadlines, as well as serious mistakes that reveal the amateurism of the translation provider and which could seriously damage your business. By amateurs, I refer to those who resort to translation for extra income, as an odd-job or hobby, or just because they know another language. They are not aware of the tools and techniques of the translation industry and will therefore be unable to offer a quality service.

A good professional translator should have knowledge and experience of the areas in which they work, they should be familiar with the sector and with the tools required to do a good job. Strictly abiding to the client’s deadlines should be their top priority. Thorough research and dialogue with the client should also be part of their work ethic. Professional translators need to take pride in their work if they want to avoid being replaced by an amateur for the sake of low prices.

Those who are looking for translation services need to be aware that you get what you pay for: paying lower prices can often mean you’ll receive an inferior quality product or service. Good translations are not produced in a matter of seconds, and deadlines need to be clearly defined so that the translator has time to produce the best possible work. As we say in English: “Haste makes waste!”