October 12, 2021
Maria Joaquina Marques

Today, more than ever, professional events are seen as an opportunity to create business. Even though the pandemic has affected its format, that has been no excuse for people not to be able to get together and socialize, even in front of a screen. Professional events, whether organized by companies, associations or other types of bodies, give businesspeople, employees, freelancers or mere curious people the opportunity to address certain topics, to discuss the past, present and future of a particular field and to bring together in the same space the best of the best.

Therefore, every businessperson and every worker will be able to do their market research at these professional events. Businesspeople not only make their company and the products/services they sell known, they can also look for business partners, such as translators, interpreters or proofreaders. Through networking, they can talk directly to potential partners and find out if they have the profile required for the role. Even though the networking times in these types of events are relatively short, the exchange of contacts allows conversations to be resumed later, if there is aby interest from both sides.

Events usually gather specialists and people interested in a certain field or niche, therefore, the professional translators who attend these events certainly have a genuine interest or even proven experience and want to continue their personal and professional development within that area. They are potential employees who show willingness and commitment that may be differentiating factors in future hiring. The translator who participates in events that are not related to the field of translation do so for promoting and valuing their career and, consequently, their presence should not be considered an "invasion", it should rather be seen as an opportunity, since they are professionals who might otherwise be difficult to track.