December 16, 2020
Maria Joaquina Marques

Can the pandemic make us reinvent the way we work? Everything indicates so.

Mandatory confinement has brought new challenges to business owners and employees. While remote working is an option, many have been faced with an unprecedented technological leap, not only regarding the equipment they use, but also the software required for virtual meetings and document sharing.

Remote work brings another challenge: employees now have to share their workspace with their families, which requires a completely different mindset. The days may seem long, however, we must make an effort to adapt and ensure that the quality of our work remains impeccable. To best meet all the demands, it is important to implement routines and defined working hours.

More than ever, business owners and employees are faced with a situation that requires mutual understanding and support, to ensure the future of their companies and the jobs they provide. It is crucial to develop new methods for products or services reach clients, be it through postal services, deliveries, or takeaways, or through new digital tools and online platforms. With the digital age, new technologies and innovative apps are at our disposal. Both business owners and employees must persevere in their digital journey to reinvent themselves, rather than allowing this crisis to wipe out their livelihood.

Confinement allows us to discover, research, and try new ideas and solutions; thus, we can hope for a better future with new ways of working, new entrepreneurial initiatives, and new business opportunities.